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Wasssssup Westies!

I’m addressing this post to you guys since I assume at least a few of you will read it. Also I assume you can read since you’re in college. Let me know if I’ve made too many assumptions….

Anyway! Last week I went to NACA West in Portland Oregon (aka Rip City!). NACA is…well….a party, lets be honest. It’s disguised as “serious business” but its an awesome event where college students get to watch a lot of entertainers (like yours truly) do their thing in hopes of getting some college gigs. This was my first NACA experience, and I learned a ton! First off, NACA doesn’t start at 9AM on the first day! If you show up at 9am and ask the even coordinators where everybody is (like I did) you’ll look like a fool. This actually makes sense, what college student do you know that takes 9am classes??? The student who registered for classes late and got stuck with 9am classes because everything else was full, that’s who.

Sooooo after making a fool of myself to start things off, I managed to have an AWESOME weekend. College students are HILARIOUS! I’ve only been out of college for two years, and I don’t remember college being a CONSTANT dance party. When music would play: students would dance. Someone won a bucket of Voodoo donuts: students would dance. An announcement came over the intercom that a cell phone had been lost; students started dancing. It was like a Justin Timberlake video 24/7! Good times.

One of the cooler parts of the weekend was that since I grew up in Seattle I got to spend some time with my family AND since my wife has a sister in Portland we didn’t have to pay for a hotel! #IAMCHEAP. Even cooler than that were all the awesome artists showcasing. I’m a comedian, but I’m also a comedy NERD to the nth power! I love watching comedy only slightly less than I love writing and performing my own comedy. Second City Chicago performed! This is the group that has produced many of the best improvisers/comedy minds in the game! Also there was a lot of awesome/eccentric/mind blowing music on stage at various times. One group that I remember in particular was called Fly Panda. They’re a rap-rock duo that has a dude in a panda suit dance on stage while they perform. I couldn’t make that up if I tried.

Of course I spent a lot of time networking, handing out business cards and other promo to college students/agencies/fellow performers, and oh yeah eating. I ate a lot. I at at Red Robin, twice. Even though the first night I ordered some donuts and they tasted like they had been fried in the same oil as their onion rings. If you haven’t ever tried onion flavored donuts, you aren’t missing anything.

In short, NACA was excellent! If you’re a NACA West attendee and you’re reading this I hope I got to meet you! If you’re considering bringing to your school STOP considering and start doing! I’d love to make you laugh (and your school’s students too, of course).