Twitch Stream

I live stream video games on JOIN THE #NICEGUYNATION! It’s a PARTY! Follow my channel for good times. Below are some videos and viewer testimonials.

Padster102938: Hey nice guy I jst wanted to tell you thanks for making my day. I get bullied a lot at school and it’s so amazing to come hang out with you. Thank you for giving me a reason to smile after a tough day your so amazing niceguy

EmilySloane: Your stream is more beautiful than my boyfriend M1tch will ever be.

Evanegan98: Ya know what pisses me off, there’s all these amazing streamers like Syndicate and Jericho who are funny and deserve what they got but there are amazing streamers like NG that don’t get enough attention like they do

Whiteboikev: NG + any game= greatness

Abeenamedrick: You are different from all other streamers because you open up to your viewers and can talk about life. You make it amazing to watch these streams and it’s upsetting when I can’t watch

Gregcunning91: Im watching this n the bathroom at work,my boss dont know!