I recently got a new day job with an excellent company. The interview process was thorough, and I believe that part of my success was due to the fact that my background in comedy sets me apart from other applicants. Comedy has taught me how to read people, entrepreneurship, how to think on my feet, and numerous other skills. All of these skills are relevant in business.

Many jobs require a college degree, so obviously everyone who applies for these jobs will have a degree. An interviewer would probably get tired of hearing every single applicant talk about their educational background, I know I would. So in my interviews with this company I talked a lot about stand-up and things that I have learned from it.

I talked about how as a college undergrad I wanted to make extra money, so I started a small (and successful) comedy business with some friends. I talked about how as a comedian you have to adjust to an audience, much like how people in business can’t approach every single client the same way. I talked about how I’m personable, a good public speaker, and likeable. All of these things relate to comedy.

Of course if I didn’t have the necessary academic qualifications I probably wouldn’t have been CONSIDERED  for the position. However, if I didn’t have skills that have been supplemented by the fact that I do stand-up, I probably wouldn’t have GOTTEN the position.

The take home message? Comedians aren’t necessarily profane clowns without work ethic or common sense. Comedy is serious business.