Short Bio on your Co-Host: Macktion

I figured that it was a good idea to finally put up a little something about me for those who were interested.

So a bit of general background:

I am a chemist by education and have worked in water analysis (always important in the western US) briefly flirted with dentistry, and I am on the fence about getting a PhD in Chemistry so I can teach college chemistry.  In the late 2000’s I became a technology journalist, and was paid to go to events, and report on the tech at conventions like CES.  And in the 2010’s mobile gaming was actually the emphasis of my personal YouTube work.

While I wouldn’t call myself an accomplished crafter, I do love learning to do things myself, so I know just enough video editing, mechanics, and art to get myself into trouble.

Lam and I met back in the early 2010’s, and ill never forget first time we shared a meal together, because that evening I had the WORST toothache ever.  It was just out of nowhere!  But I digress.

In our podcast I usually cover the segments on Video Game History, Kick or Kickstart, and Legalese.

I was a founding member, and for a year President of RetroGamingLiveTV on twitch, so I have always loved the Retro style, and Vintage video games.  Between this and my love of old time radio, I feel like Ive always kind of lived with one foot in the past, which makes Video Game History perfect for me to cover.

Ive never cared much for AAA studios, and always felt like indie games were where my heart was.  Back when we started planning 2 Nerds in a Pod back in 2016, and even more so now, crowdfunding has helped some of my favorite indie games get made.  I mean, Chasm anyone?  So a segment where we discuss and sometimes recommend a crowdfunding project seemed like a no-brainer.

Growing up, my dad got his JD, and while I personally do not practice the craft, I have always had the legal perspective in my life.  I would never claim to have all the legal answers, but sometimes approaching a question from a legal perspective goes a long way in helping us make sense of the climate and framework around video games.

Thanks for reading, and Keep it Nerdy!


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